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2019 Ultimate Holiday Sports Memorabilia Gift Guide - Inscriptagraphs

2019 Ultimate Holiday Sports Memorabilia Gift Guide - Inscriptagraphs


Don’t be “elfish” this holiday season and get something great for someone you would love to see happy! Well, hold on for your deer life because this guide will give you everything you need to know to buying any memorabilia as gifts for this holiday season! Whether someone is a movie buff, sports junkie or just a collector of impressive items there is something for everyone when it comes to memorabilia and that is why it makes a great gift for anyone! We have broken down some of the top selling products so far through 2019 to make an accurate guide on the top memorabilia gifts of the 2019 Holiday Season! We have provided you with price ranges for each item broken down by the dollar sign. 1 dollar sign ($) should guide you to cheapest priced gifts all the way to 5 dollar signs ($$$$$) as being the most expensive. We have also provided you with top players items that sell for that particular item as well as top selling teams available for that product just to help you out better for the ultimate gifts for Christmas & Hannukka and any other holidays celebrated during the holiday season in December.


Price Range: $$$

Recommended Gift Recipient: Close Family Member, Great Friend, Romantic Interest

Can’t decide on what item to get for someone from their favorite team. Let's make it easy on you and just get something that any baseball or basketball fan would love! These maps are must own items for any MLB or NBA fan! The MLB DIRT MAP is an exclusive memorabilia item that every MLB fan must have for their man cave and lady lair!! This piece features 30 capsules of game used dirt, one from each ballpark in the majors, and gives fans an opportunity to own a piece of every major league ballpark in one gorgeous piece. Similar, the NBA NET MAP has a hardwood looking matting featuring 30 pieces of authentic game used netting from every NBA team! The dirt comes certified authentic from Major League Baseball and the NBA Map comes with authentication from Steiner who is one of the largest sports licensees of the league in the world!! These 2 items have been our TOP SELLERS for 3 years in a row and come holiday season, we can barely keep them in stock. You want a great gift for a baseball or basketball fan, you have found it.


Price Range: $

Recommended Gift Recipient: Children, Movie-a-holics, Acquaintances

Most Popular Movie Posters: Star Wars, Marvel Movies, The Godfather, Back to the Future, Disney Movies, Scarface, Harry Potter, Indiana Jones

Looking for a conversation starter? Who doesn’t like movies? Everyone has a favorite movie!! Movie posters make great gifts! They look great on a wall and allow someone to display something they love with a great piece of movie history! Everything from The Grinch Stole Christmas to Rocky, there are endless movie posters to gift to someone this holiday season! Movie posters make great gifts because they are conversation starters! When people see movie posters on the wall they automatically start talking about the movie, its actors, how great it is and their take on it. Movie posters make great gifts because lets face it, who doesn’t like movies? Movie posters can also be very affordable and can be found as cheap as $10 online! Talk about bang for your buck!


Unsigned Price Range: $

Signed Price Range: $$

Recommended Gift Recipient: Children, Coworkers, Acquaintances

Most Popular Pops: Marvel Characters, Disney Characters, Joe Montana, Star Wars Characters, Elvis, Jimi Hendrix

Funko Pops! are great collectors pieces because they are small easy to display and take up almost no room on a desk or display case! Ok you have seen these collectibles all over. They are literally everywhere and you find them many times when you are checking out at a retail store by the registers. Unsigned Funko Pops! start out at about $12.95 and go up from there. Funkos as many people call them, are so highly collectible because of the licensing agreements they have in place between the hollywood film companies and the professional sports leagues alone they have just about any character from your favorite movie, favorite athlete, favorite cartoon character or even your favorite musician. Get your favorite player or celebrity and have them modeled up on your display. Signed Funko Pops! are hard to come by and when you are able to come across them they make great gifts at an affordable price for any lover of a certain entertainer or athlete. Funko Pops! are becoming more and more popular and make great gifts for anyone because they come in such a variety and are all official action figures / bobble heads!

2019 Ultimate Holiday Sports Memorabilia Gift Guide - Inscriptagraphs


Price Range: $

Recommended Gift Recipient: Children, Coworkers, Acquaintances, Cartoon Fans & Collectors, Any type of Friend, Significant other, Virtually almost anyone

Most Popular Cartoons: Winnie The Pooh, Snoopy, Tweety, Bugs Bunny, Tigger, Mickey Mouse, Charlie Brown & Minie Mouse

Sowa And Reiser Artwork are literally gods gift to cartoon fans! They are an extremely affordable piece of art on a specalized hand made etching paper. These cartoons are all painted by hand and created using a steel engraving needle scartched into a varnish covered zinc copper plate. Sounds fancy right? Oh, they are! Each piece of art is limited edition to less than 500 made and you wil find your exact number in the limited edition series written by hand at the bottom corner of the etch. Sowa and Resier has a whole catalog of different charcters and have a license through Disney and Hanna-Barbera to create these unique sketches of some of the most iconic cartoon characters ever made! We love these things because lets face it, who doesn't have a favorite cartoon from over the years?! They are extremely affordable and make the perfect gift. We say they could very well be the best bang for the buck out of all items listed on this years gift guide. Some of the shows and characters they have and can be featured on our website include: Winnie The Pooh, Looney Tunes, Aladdin, Charlie Brown, Flintstones, Mickey Mouse & Friends & more! Each etch also comes with a Certificate of Authenticty to make this one of the most specal gifts you can give this holiday season.


Price Range: $$

Recommended Gift Recipient: Significant Other, Family Member, Close Friend

Most Popular Famous Names: Adam Sandler, Disney Actors, Dallas Cowboys, New York Yankees, Chris Hemsworth

8x10 signed photos are some of the best gifts you can get for anybody that is a fan of sports and entertainment. These photos can be framed up in anyway to match other items in a collection or make it a unique one of a kind piece! 8x10 photos range in pricing, but are usually more affordable than other signed items and fit great in all man caves and lady lairs. Figure the first thing you get signed by a famous athlete or celebrity is a photo of themselves as they make great display pieces. The nice thing about them is that you can gift them this holiday season and you don’t need a frame to put it in! Typically we see most people that buy them as gifts give it loose because everyone has their own style of frames they hang on their wall so you want it all to match which makes these a great choice to give as a gift this holiday season so the gift recipient can choose they want to design their photo on their own wall! In addition, 8x10 photos are usually the cheapest autograph to buy of a celebrity or athlete so they won’t hurt your pocket hard and most entertainers you can find a good selection of different photos especially on Just keep in mind when it comes to autographs the business is based on supply and demand so if a famous name is not a big autograph signer then their autographs can get up there in price.


Price Range: $$$

Recommended Gift Recipient: Significant Other, Business Partner

Most Popular Athletes: Tom Brady , Aaron Rodgers (Mini) , Barry Sanders, Rudy Ruettiger , Joe Montana , Patrick Mahomes, Dak Prescott

Helmets make great gifts as they are some of the best items to display in any man cave and lady lair! They are higher end gifts as they typically start at a couple hundred dollars and work their way up from there but you would give a helmet as a present to someone close to you like a significant other, a close relative, business partner or someone else you really care about. The other option are signed mini helmets which are smaller but include the same quality autograph as a full size helmet. This could also be a good option if you want to give a great gift without breaking the bank. Mini helmets and Full size helmets vary in price, but both look amazing in a room that has memorabilia surrounding it! Whether it is someone's favorite player or favorite team there are many different options to go with on helmets. For many football fans, athletes such as John Elway, Tom Brady and Emmitt Smith are all time favorites that fit well in any collection! Remember college football signed helmets are also a big deal as many collectors don’t collect professional teams or players and only stick to their beloved schools like Notre Dame, Texas, Ohio State and Georgia. If you decide to take it 1 step further you can even make the gift better by adding a case for the helmet that makes for a great looking display!


Price Range: $$$

Recommended Gift Recipient: Significant Other, Family Member, Business Acquaintance

Most Popular Players Jerseys: Derek Jeter, Stephen Curry, Marc-Andre Fleury , Cody Bellinger , Magic Johnson , Peyton Manning

NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL and many other sports jerseys make great items to add to any collection and even better gifts. Signed jerseys can be framed up and look great as additions to any sports collection. Most collectors use jerseys on their walls as center pieces to their collections. They then add other items around the jerseys to compliment the jersey on their way! What is nice is that jerseys from sports stars are virtually endless as they are one of the top items most athletes sign so the selection is incredible from names of a legend who played 50 years ago all the way until the current stars of today! They are going to be a little more expensive but well worth the price as they are the backbone of a collectors collection! Whether it’s all time greats jerseys or your team's favorite players jerseys they appeal to all fans! We offer custom framing for jerseys as well if you wanted to go above and beyond! Just note: giving a signed jersey as a gift is ok to just gift and not a frame in addition. We tell people buying jerseys as gifts to let the gift recipient frame the jersey how they want because everyone has their own style that they want to show off and display on their wall.


Price Range: $$$

Recommended Gift Recipient: Significant Other, Family Member, Romantic Interests

Most Popular Teams: Cowboys , Steelers , Ohio State , Giants

Game used turf is something that is harder to come by for sports fans as there is only a limited amount available and most is from older stadiums that do not exist any longer! What is so cool about game used turf is that they make great items when displayed in frames. You can really show off the history of the turf through the custom framing which makes them that much better! Most turf collectors are fans of a specific team or university and not a particular player. The turfs are taken directly from the teams where their historic players over the years recorded their most famous moments and achievements and broke player or league records that were in place for sometimes 50+ years. There is a lot of history played on turf where each collage includes a piece of the playing surfaces that your gift recipient can now own ...forever!! How cool is that? The best part, lets say your Father is a huge fan of the Cowboys and loves 3 particular players, you have the option to put those players in the piece with no additional charge or cost to do the customization! Game used turf can be framed in great ways that will fit great into all collections and make very visal eye appealing items in the man cave, lady lair, office or game room!


Are you shopping for someone that has everything or you really aren’t sure what to buy them! You have come to the right place! Inscriptagraphs is the top memorabilia company in the industry to come for one of a kind items that range from sports to entertainment, art and even historical artifacts. Unique items are the pieces in a person's collection where it leaves you scratching your head because your mind is so blown! You must dig deep to find that great item you know the gift recipient will love so we have compiled a list below of some of our most unique items that people seem to love and keep our customers coming back more and more! The price you pay for unique item is so open ended and all depends on how the gift recipient interprets their values of the things they love and collect most so this can dictate the price you may pay or how much for their gift. These items could literally be a true 1 of a kind item or be scare and not many around or even extremely limited. These are the gifts that people can’t put a value on and could be the greatest gift the gift recipient has ever received. Search Inscriptagraphs to find some of the greatest selection of unique memorabilia out there. We tend to take items of historical value that directly correlate to a special moment in sports and entertainment and bring that item to life on your wall. If you are looking for that one piece that will make your gift recipients jaw drop you have come to the right memorabilia company. The next few items with titles in red are some of the most unique and most popular items we offer.


Inscriptagraphs makes unique one of a kind items that make great gifts and can be items that when someone comes over and sees it they will be in shock as to how an item of this magnitude was recovered! Super Bowl Confetti from the Eagles first Super Bowl win over the Patriots and the Patriots great comeback Super Bowl win over the Falcons! This confetti is straight from the games that was dropped after the historical big game wins! These confetti products as well as other sport confetti products that we offer have been one of our most bang for the buck items we offer. You can literally own a piece of history and it is professionally custom framed for an incredible presentation so it stands out on any collectors walls. If you are looking for an affordable middle of the road item that has a lot of “BANG!!” if you will, consider our confetti products.


Inscriptagraphs is the only place to find UFC’s greatest voice announcer’s memorabilia…. Bruce Buffer. Get a gift for any UFC that is a piece of UFC history! Be able to give the gift of Bruce Buffer’s actual fight cards that he uses to make his famous ring announcements for the UFC’s fighters! These fight introduction cards are written out by hand by Bruce to ensure a smooth and precise delivery while announcing the fighter’s down to the Octagon. Bruce’s memorabilia has become our top seller in all fight categories including boxing, mma & wrestling! If you want to get an amazing gift for literally any person on this planet, give the gift of a personalized championship intro from Bruce Buffer himself that you can use for anything from your voicemail to your own personal entrance for any moment in life you may need it!! You can see Bruce’s memorabilia exclusively on our website which can be found here .


This one of a kind Star Wars piece is a must give gift for any Star Wars fanatic and is something you will never see or find anywhere else! Check out our all time top selling Star Stars memorabilia item with this Carrie Fisher Personally Owned Framed Movie Script Page Own an actual page from Princess Leia’s movie script she owned acquired directly from her estate. Ever since we released this piece, at has been a staple for our Star Wars collector customers and any Star Wars fans would lose their mind to have this item in their collection and would probably deem it the best gift they have ever received!

When it comes to giving the best gifts make sure that they look as great as they can! Go all out on your valuable investment! Make someones dream piece pop right off your wall with Inscriptagraphs custom framing! See a piece on our website you are interested in purchasing but not sure how to display it? Let us help you! Custom frame your item with state of the art, museum quality framing that will make you and your friends stare at your frames for hours to come! We want to ensure that every item we produce is the highest quality product period. Our goal is to not only exceed industry standards but far exceed the standards you set when your piece arrives on your doorstep. We want to explain one point that we emphasize about our framed pieces of art, our framing is not made from templates. Each and every one of our frames are made from scratch exactly to your item’s measurements and specifications.

This holiday season shop with our trained holiday shopping specialists to help you find the perfect gift for your friends, family, work relationships and acquaintances! We have over 2000 items in stock and even more during the holiday season so lets our gift memorabilia experts find the best gifts for the special people in your life! Reach out to us this holiday season at (844) 474-4633 or shoot us an email at!

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