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Mob Boss Mickey Cohen Handwritten Signed Letter Framed JSA Autograph Meyer Mafia

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Looking for that next unique item to add to the man cave? Well, this is it! Meyer "Mickey" Cohen handwritten signed letter framed!! This piece features a handwritten letter from the iconic mafia crime boss. This letter is dated Thursday, may 25, 1967 and written out to his friend Voy. It seems "Voy" is a close friend of his as he writes in the letter how disappointed he was upset that Voy did not attend Mickey's mother's funeral. He also goes on to sign this letter twice as mickey and then Meyer Harris cohen his full name. Authentic crime memorabilia tough to come by from the big names of the mafia ranks and they even made a feature film based on him called "gangster squad" which starred Sean Penn as him in the 2013 film. Cohen is also most known as the guy that took over for the west coast mob operations in the late 40s after las vegas flamingo boss Bugsy Siegel was knocked off. Some cool facts about mickey are: He is credited as the guy that got sportsbooks up in the state of Nevada & the only guy to ever be bailed out of Alcatraz!! You get 2 signatures on 1 item which is great as you are lucky enough to see 1 anywhere else!!

The letter reads thus:
My very dear friend Voy,
I was terribly disappointed that you didn't come to my mother's funeral. In fact Voy, I really can't understand it. Your always most welcome letter was here waiting for me when I got back. And I got your kind & most appreciated condolence card yesterday. I am not going to answer your letter right now Voy, so please forgive me. Your friend always, mickey.

Anyway, this piece is framed in a black metal frame with a glass display, a white mat and unsigned 8x10 photo to the left of the letter!! This is a unique item as again to find any personal items like this from a big name old school mob figure is extremely difficult!!

This photo has been certified authentic by one of the most reputable and recognized authenticators in the business today, James Spence Authentication (JSA). This team signed photo includes the JSA tamper proof hologram and letter of authenticity guaranteeing this piece is the real thing. You can verify this certificate # on their online database available 24/7/365.