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Bruce Buffer's UFC "1st Espn" Cain Velasquez Vs. Ngannou Phoenix Used Intro Card

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Inscriptagraphs Memorabilia, Sports Memorabilia, Las Vegas, NV
  • Description

    It'ssssss timeeeeee!!!®

    Looking to add a piece of UFC history to your memorabilia collection? Well, this is it! Inscriptagraphs memorabilia and "the voice of the octagon" Bruce Buffer are proud to offer you the actual octagon used Cain Velasquez vs. Francis Ngannou fighter introduction card!! This is the actual introduction card bruce used at fight night: UFC on ESPN 1 to announce the fighters at the event on February 17, 2019, at talking stick resort arena in Phoenix, Arizona! What makes this introduction card great is that it is the headline fight from fight night but also from the very 1st ever fights that were televised ever on the main ESPN #1 channel via cable and not a PPV or online ESPN+ fight. Ngannour would later go on and beat Velasquez via knockout only 28 seconds into the first round. In addition, you will also receive the sponsor / Main event introduction card that bruce reads off to announce the main event of the evening, see photos!!! Bruce read directly off this card when at the event and you will see this introduction card has been written all over by bruce with his notes, pronunciations, enunciations & fight results to assure his announcing is perfect & precise!! Check out the photo seeing bruce filling out a card to see the work in progress!

    All cards are hand signed by Bruce to make it that much more amazing!! A must have item for all fight fans!! There is only one original card of this and no copies or duplicates have been made so you will literally own the only fight card from this fight in existence!! You are probably also wondering why there is a hole in the bottom left corner of the card, this is purposely made by bruce to insert his pinky finger to help him hold the card better when announcing.

    Our company has a memorabilia contract in place with bruce so our company, Inscriptagraphs memorabilia, is the only place that carries his exclusive line of autographs and UFC used event memorabilia!! Shop directly from bruce buffer through our company to guarantee you are receiving the real thing, guaranteed!! Google search our company to see more on our website right on the home page you will see "Bruce Buffer collection"!!

    The winner of the auction will receive the following in addition to the introduction card:

    A "personalized buffer recording" of the auction winner in true "championship style" that only the "V.O.T.O." can do, just for you! *** these recordings normally sell for $300+ for intros and more for special events. This recording will be personalized directly to your requests and sound exactly how Bruce announces the fighters in the octagon! We will reach out to you after the auction is paid for & request the information we will need. You can find sample recordings on the homepage of our website, google search ---> Inscriptagraphs

    A hand signed 8x10 photo of Bruce ready to go right into your collection!

    **In the event you purchase this item for lower than the price this item is listed for (excluding if you were to use a promotion code or coupon, you will receive only the card and letter of authenticity). We will not fulfill any other components of this listing which may include an audio file or signed 8x10 photo.

    This introduction card will come with a letter of authenticity from Inscriptagraphs memorabilia & Bruce Buffer directly. Inscriptagraphs is one of the largest & most reputable memorabilia companies in the world and sells authentic unique collectibles you will not find anywhere else. In addition, the introduction card & letter will come with a tamperproof hologram to prevent tampering & forging. You will be able to head to Inscriptagraphs' website to verify the authenticity of this card for life and have access to the verification system as proof of authenticity 24/7/365. A hologram will be added to the back of the card (Which is not shown in the listing photo) To guarantee it's authenticity for life.

    *this is a rare UFC/MMA collectible item... As an example, the "Buffer used" fight introduction cards from the Conor McGregor / Jose Aldo UFC 194 fight cards sold for $5,000, the McGregor / Khabib cards from UFC 229 sold for $3,500 and most recently the UFC 232 cards from Jon Jones vs. Alexander Gustafsson went for $5,500!! These intro cards are surging and could quite possibly be the most collectible items in current UFC memorabilia today!

    Please note: The back of each card we have has some additional handwriting on it and the example photo you see in this listing in the photos that have the UFC logo on it, is an example of how this card may or may not look. In addition, you are only bidding on the card mentioned in the title and description, not for all 13 cards, this auction is for one individual card

    Shipping is $15.00 for USA shipping and $60 for all other international shipping!

    Our company has a memorabilia contract in place with bruce so our company, Inscriptagraphs memorabilia, is the only place that carries his exclusive line of autographs and UFC used event memorabilia!! Shop directly from bruce buffer through our company to guarantee you are receiving the real thing, guaranteed!! Google search our company to see more on our website right on the home page you will see "Bruce Buffer collection"!!

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    Do you offer free shipping everywhere?

    Great question. We offer free shipping to customers in the Continental 48 USA states. There is an additional charge for shipping to Hawaii, Alaska and all other USA territories. Contact us for a quote on shipping item directly to you.

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    Yes! We ship items all over the world! Before placing your order, give us a call at (844) 474-4633 or email us at for an accurate quote on shipping items outside the Continental USA. We ask you to please contact us in advance for international orders or orders outside the Continental USA 48 states so we can get you a 100% accurate quote so we don't overcharge you. Due to the complexity of the inventory sizes we maintain, we use to set our rates as 1 flat rate based on the price of your order but found this to not work for everyone so we decided we will take all orders by a case by case basis. We will work with you to try to take care of some of the shipping charges so you pay less in the long run for that special item(s)! Contact us in advance and provide us the country we would be shipping the item to as well as your zip code. We will have a response to you in a short amount of time. Please Note: all customs & duties are the responsibility of the customer.

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    When your item officially ships out, we will send you the tracking number via the email you provided at the point of checkout.

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    QUESTION: I want to purchase an item on your website but I don't currently have the funds to do so. Do you have any methods to assist me in being able to purchase the item(s)?

    YES! Currently, Inscriptagraphs is the only major memorabilia retailer to offer customers a financing option! We offer our financing option through our finance partner Sezzle! If you qualify through them, you could potentially be able to purchase your item today and have it shipped out even faster! This is a great option for people than need extra time to pay off that one item they must have for their man cave or a gift for someone! Check out our financing section for more information!

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    How do I know your items are authentic?

    We work with the most reputable suppliers in the industry who have direct contracts with athletes & celebrities. Most items are acquired via private paid autograph signings with the athletes/celebrities to ensure the signatures are the real thing. We work with some of the most advanced authentication companies in the industry today including PSA/DNA, James Spence Authentication (JSA), Beckett, Upper Deck, Steiner, Tristar and much more (Click here to see our authenticity guarantee). All worn and game used equipment has paperwork directly from the teams, players, movie studios, estates, and celebertieis themselves! Indeed, acquiring your favorite piece of autographed memorabilia can be one of the most exciting investments you can make – as long as it is real. At, the integrity of each piece of hand-signed collectibles is paramount. guarantees the authenticity of your hand-signed sports collectible or your money back!

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    At Inscriptagraphs Sports & Entertainment Memorabilia, quality is one of the founding principles of our company. All of our products come from the absolute best of the best sources from cases to the actual collectibles to framing and authentication. Quality is what we stand for. The signed and unsigned collectibles that we offer are manufactured with the best materials and the framing we provide with our products are state of the art museum quality framing. The equipment we use, the average mom & pop shop and large retail competitors can't afford as the machinery we use is the utmost high end in the framing industry. This equipment is very very expensive to purchase & maintain but we are committed to giving our customers the quality they seek and rarely find. The cases we provide are all made of plexiglass which is more expensive than glass and if your case fell off your desk, for example, the plexiglass won't shatter like normal glass.

    There's an old expression: "You Get What You Pay For", we make sure you are provided with the industry-leading quality and are proud to set the bar for quality among memorabilia companies. The authenticity you are provided with for your collectibles is the most advanced expert authentication in the industry. We outsource all of our authentication (except for witnessed signings we directly conduct with athletes & celebrities) to ensure that a third party expert authentication service providing you with their opinion and not us, giving you a bias opinion. You have come to the right place if you are in the market for memorabilia collectibles as you will be provided the utmost quality for your collection!

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    Does Inscriptagraphs buy the general public's memorabilia?

    Yes! We purchase all sorts of sports & entertainment memorabilia. From athlete & movie star autographs, game used items and movie posters to movie props, celebrity owned items and even historical rare documents from a famous inventor or US President!! You can check out our SELL MY MEMORABILIA page for information on what we look for! If you are not sure if we would be interested in your item or not, then just simply ask!! Give us a call at (844) 474-4633 us at