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Here’s your chance to get your own personalized championship audio introduction just like the pro fighters by the one and only Bruce Buffer. Show off to your friends, family, fans, opponents, co-workers & acquaintances with the recording of a lifetime by the voice of MMA!!
Get your own personalized recorded audio file that can be used as a championship introduction or voicemail for your phone! 

Details of the offering:

Legendary MMA announcer Bruce Buffer will record a personalized audio recording that you can use as your championship introduction or even as personal voicemail on your home or cell phone answering machines. The custom voicemail recordings average anywhere from 20-30 seconds & championship introductions average anywhere from 35-60 seconds based off the information you want to be included. We can take away and add some content to each voicemail but basically, we will use information that includes:

-Your Name-
-Blue Corner or Red Corner (optional)-
-Fighting Style (Mixed Martial Artist, Striker, Jiu-Jitsu, Wrestler etc.)-
-Fighting Record (optional)-
-Height & Weight (Optional)-
-City (Fighting out of) (Optional)-
-Titles or Championship/s Held (optional)-
    Once you have checked out & paid for your custom audio recording, a member of our staff will reach out to you regarding the customizations you request. We will go over what information you want in your file and answer any other questions you may have. Recordings typically can take anywhere from 14-30 days to be made and customized so please allow plenty of time in advance of order for your recording to be delivered. Once payment and approved script has been received, Bruce will add his magic and your recording will be sent to you via email.
    IN ADDITION: We accommodate personalized Corporate and Commercial Greetings, Special Events, Weddings, Birthdays, Birth Announcements, Bar Mitzvahs, Graduations & more! Note: The audio recordings & voicemails at the $139 rate is for personal use only, business recordings are an additional fee based off the content you provide. For all other custom personalized / custom recordings, please send us your inquiry with as much detail as possible for a proper price quote, email us at CHECK OUT HERE TO INQUIRE FOR A PERSONALIZED VIDEO RECORDING.
    *No usage of the names 'UFC', 'Ultimate Fighting' or 'Octagon' will be recorded as are official UFC Trademarks*