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Why Funko Pops Are One of the Best Autographed Memorabilia Items to Invest In!

Funko pop logo. Funko is displayed in text on the left and Pop! is displayed on the right in logo form

We know.... we have all seen those little toy things with the big heads at the counter of your local retail store! They don't look like much other than a toy figure dressed as Batman, Captain America, Michael Jordan, or your favorite Disney Princess, but did you know they are actually bobble heads? Probably not! 

 Inscriptagraphs Memorabilia is here to give you are expert two cents on why these little toy things called Funko Pops are the best item to get autographed the next time you meet a famous person!

THE SMALLER, THE BETTER! When collecting memorabilia, the biggest problem working against you is space! This always catches up with you! You want all these items, you get what you want, and before you know it, you have no more room left to display the items the mean the most to you that bring you all sorts of joy and comfort. Funkos help a lot in this department, think about this now.... you have a signed and framed jersey! Think of all the room it takes up, and for 1 autograph. Well now think of it like this....Chances are you can get approximately 20-25 signed Funko Pops displayed in its place on a shelf. ......NOW THAT IS WHY WE LOVE FUNKOS!! The standard size smaller boxes are approximately 6.5" x 4 3/4" so they are great to get autographed on the windows and show off your favorite character, pop culture icon, celebrity, athlete, historical figure and more!

Funk Pop Bobblehead toy figures displayed in a collectors showcase on their shelves in and out of the original packaging


VARIETY!! Funko as a company is big, one of the biggest toy makers on the planet, and with that comes access! The biggest component that Funko has and would most likely be out of business if they lost is their licensing! They are as successful as they are because they have licensing deals with some of the largest entertainment entities known to mankind. They have deals to produce their products with entities like Marvel, all 4 North American professional sports league and their players, Disney, Presidents like: Trump, Jimmy Carter, George Washington, Bill Clinton, The Trix Bunny & Cap'n Crunch Cereal Icons, Pokémon, Musicians like: Post Malone, DJ Khaled, Andre 3000, Biggie Smalls, Jimi Hendrix, Tupac and even the big Hollywood studios like: Universal, Warner Bros., Fox Studios and more!  They have pretty much any character or icon you can think of, which makes collecting these so much easier! Another great reason to collect is the access to your favorite people you collect and follow and Funko Pops, do just that!

Funko Pop figurines from left to right of Bob Ross the Artist, Tupac Shakur the Rapper and Amy Winehouse the Singer


LIMITED IN NATURE! Sure, we have all heard of limited edition items, a term often used very loosely! No joke, we have once seen the packaging of Strawberries at the grocery store indicate that they were limited edition. Yes, it is a word used for marketing sometimes too often, but Funko is legitimate when they say limited edition. They have a few different way of offering their bobble heads as limited. Let's start with "Vaulted". Funko will make a certain amount of a character and sometimes not say exactly how many were made, but then that exact design or character completely will suddenly stop being made, and they will not make them again under any condition where they enter the Vault. Vaulted Pops are very collectible because collectors known, what's out there is out there and if you want it, you will have to sometimes give up an arm and a leg to get it. Vaulted Funko Pops maintain their values and go uo if anything, not down. Another way Funko ensures items are limited are they will physically number them with an exclusive sticker where a company buys out an entire run of a certain character and put that company's brand on the sticker where you know you can only get it there and there are only 1000 of them made. When they do this, collectors want them and need them and will do what they have to do to acquire them, even if they have to camp outside that store sometimes as long as a week or give up their entire paycheck for the week. Another way Funko makes their items limited is by offering "Variants" of their Pops which are limited edition. For example, Collectors may find a Mark Hamill Funko Pop dressed as "The Joker" where it is their normal design of coloring and design that they do across the board for all of their bobble heads, but then they may come out with the exact same shape and design of a character, but then the Pop is all solid purple in color. This is a variant and highly sought after by collectors and limited edition in nature! Memorabilia Enthusiasts go crazy for their Funko Pops, which shows how strong the Funko brand is and what collectors will do to own their toys.

Mark Hamill Signed Funko Pop "The Joker" #28

DESIGN!! Ever heard the phrase, Presentation is Everything? Well, this is very true and Funko does a great job of simplifying the way the overall boxes and toys appear as well as the packaging design and branding on the boxes. They are straight to the point, and you can almost immediately decipher who the person or character is from the way the box spells it out, as well as potentially the physical design of the toy itself with what type of costume it's wearing or trademarked attributes it's displaying. Because of this, it just makes it so much easier to collect these things and then get them autographed by that famous personality! The place collectors typically get these bobble head toys signed at is on the front plastic section where you see the toy head on, this is known by the collecting community as "The Window". Yes, it might be a smaller area for an autograph, but they are big enough that it is the perfect amount of space! Another aspect collectors take into the overall appearance of their autographed Funko is the color pen used for the autograph! If you can use a color pen that somewhat matches the box design, it just adds so much more to the aesthetics of the item overall! If you ever end up selling your Funko for any variety of reasons, the overall value of the piece could go up dramatically if collectors deem the presentation is exceptional, and you could get a lot more money for it by simply choosing an aesthetically appealing pen color, as dumb as that sounds. One more thing to think about is you don't need custom framing or an expensive case to put around these memorabilia items as most other type of memorabilia you do. You can put these collectors items in a soft top loader case for less than $3 and adds to the aesthetic look at the end of the day on your shelf! As you heard from us before.... Presentation is Everything! 

Christopher Lloyd Autographed Who Framed Roger Rabbit "Judge Doom" Funko Pop

CONCLUSION, we have explained some great reasons above why Funko Pops are One of the Best Autographed Memorabilia Items to Invest In! What we mentioned also has a financial incentive in it at the end of the day. Factors we have discussed are reasons collectors buy these items and will even go as far as skipping out on traditional items to get signed like baseballs or signed basketballs because of the reasons mentioned above. There is a lot of upside to them and because many Funkos are limited edition and not your standard traditional items like a bat or a ball you can get a nearly endless supply of. Owning the actual Funko without the autographs are worth money, but then add the autograph to a Funko Pop especially to one that is vaulted where the box is in good condition and signed by a good icon, people will line up at your door to own them! 


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