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What is the Rarest Willy Wonka Autographed Funko Pop? Violet Beauregarde & Here’s Why!

What is the Rarest Willy Wonka Autographed Funko Pop? Violet Beauregarde & Here's Why!

Have you ever wondered about the rarest autographed Willy Wonka Funko Pop? Well, look no further! In this blog post, we will explore the most coveted autographed Funko Pop from the movie Willy Wonka. This unique collectible is signed by Denise Nickerson, the talented actress who portrayed Violet Beauregarde in the iconic film.

What makes this autographed Funko Pop so special?

First and foremost, this autographed Funko Pop is extremely rare. It is a limited edition collectible that was released in May 2016. Only a handful of these Funko Pops were signed by Denise Nickerson, making it a truly unique and valuable item for any collector. It is estimated that she only autographed 20-25 of these or less before she suddenly passed away in 2019.

What is the Rarest Willy Wonka Autographed Funko Pop? Violet Beauregarde &


We finally acquired one in July 2023 after trying to track 1, just 1 down in which our journey began 6 years ago back in 2017. The pictures you see in this listing of the Denise Nickerson signed Violet Funko Pop is of the one we have in our collection! Yes, shockingly as a company, we do collect rare items that we hold onto and put into our vault! We do not sell everything that makes its way into our offices, and this is one of those items. The items that we do have for sale from Willy Wonka could be found here! This pop we have, has had its autograph certified AUTHENTIC by James Spence Authentication who is one of the largest, most trusted and most reputable autograph authenticators in the world. We acquired this pop from a very close dear friend of Denise's, that had gifted it to her because of their friendship, so we know it's good because of the reputable connection and relationship they had.

Funko made a rather large set from the Willy Wonka movie of Funko Pop characters including Veruca Salt, Violet, Augustus Gloop, Mike TeeVee, Charlie Bucket, Grandpa Joe, Willy Wonka and of course the Oompa Loompa! All cast has signed these pops historically, even Gene Wilder but the only one you will not find that is signed is from Jack Albertson who played Granpa Joe, who passed away in 1981 so if you come a cross a Grandpa Joe signed Funko of Jack Albertson, it is a fake! The hardest signed Funko to find is of Denise Nickerson as from what we hear, she just was charging an absolute premium to sign the pops compared to the rest of the cast and collectors did not want to pay that premium at the time, and it was a small-time period that was even possible between when the Pop came out and when she passed.

Furthermore, Denise Nickerson's autograph adds an extra layer of significance to this Funko Pop. As the actress who brought the character of Violet Beauregarde to life, her signature enhances the collectible's authenticity and sentimental value. It is a direct connection to the movie and the beloved character she portrayed.

What is the Rarest Willy Wonka Autographed Funko Pop? Violet Beauregarde &

How can you get your hands on this autographed Funko Pop?

Acquiring this rare autographed Funko Pop can be quite a challenge. Due to its limited availability, it is highly sought after by collectors worldwide...especially for the collectors who collect the Signed Funko Willy Wonka set and need the Denise pop to complete their sets! However, there are a few avenues you can explore to increase your chances of adding this gem to your collection.

One option is to keep an eye on online auction platforms and collector forums. By actively participating in these communities, you might stumble upon an opportunity to purchase this highly coveted item. Occasionally, collectors who already own this autographed Funko Pop may decide to sell theirs, but warning in advance, it might be years before you see the next one surface! Keep searching constantly, as maybe another collector has enjoyed their time owning one and might be ready to part with theirs!

What is the Rarest Willy Wonka Autographed Funko Pop? Violet Beauregarde &

Why is this autographed Funko Pop a must-have for collectors?

Collecting Funko Pops has become a popular hobby for enthusiasts around the world. These vinyl figures capture the essence of beloved characters from movies, TV shows, and pop culture. However, owning an autographed Funko Pop takes the collecting experience to a whole new level.

The autograph adds a personal touch and elevates the value of the Funko Pop. It becomes a unique piece of memorabilia that holds a special place in any collection. The last thing you should know now is, Funko has vaulted the original 2016 Willy Wonka Pops, meaning they manufactured their limited run of the Willy Wonka characters, and they will no longer make the same Willy Wonka Pops ever again, it's in their vault. Now it's not to say that they won't make a whole new one in the future, but the value in the Pops is that of the original ones and not another second release designed set. Also... it won't be possible to ever find any future release Violet pops signed by Denise Nickerson, as she has already passed away.

In conclusion

The rarest autographed Funko Pop from the movie Willy Wonka, signed by Denise Nickerson, is a highly sought-after collectible. Its limited availability, combined with the actress's connection to the film, makes it a must-have for any serious collector. If you ever come across this rare gem, don't hesitate to add it to your collection. If you have one, and you are looking to sell it, don't hesitate to reach out to us as we are always interested!  The items that we do have for sale from Willy Wonka could be found here!

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