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Own this incredible framed game used home plate shadow box collage commemorating The Captain himself, Derek Jeter. This particular framed piece includes an actual 2014 game used home plate from Derek Jeter’s Final Season! This is a very rare Jeter collectible as game-used home plates are particularly tough to come by as MLB does not swap home plates often compared to 1st 2nd and 3rd bases. This home plate is game used from July 27, 2014, and was used at Yankee Stadium against the Toronto Blue Jays! What makes this piece awesome is the amount of game use as indicated from all the dirt and cleat marks all over it and that Jeter played in this game and even recorded a hit. It might sound funny we are mentioning all the dirt and cleat marks on it but collectors want items like this and not a bare white looking plate for their collections and pay premiums on an item like this.
A lot of bases and plates from Jeter's season are marketed as being from his last season but he did not play in all the games and certainly did not record at least a hit in the game! To find anything nowadays that is game used from Jeter's last season is very very hard to come by as collectors bought up almost all the items and put them into their collections and are not looking to sell them anytime soon. This is an investment piece that is sure to appreciate forever and ever as people will always want his items, especially game used, and as more time passes they become tougher and tougher to find!!!
This particular item can be verified as authentic directly through Major League Baseball (MLB). They placed their tamperproof hologram towards the bottom left of the plate in which you can go to their authentication database and type in the code as indicated on the hologram: HZ164961. You will have the Certificate of Authenticity pop up on the website and you will see that this home plate is the real deal!! In addition, this home plate has been certified authentic by the New York Yankees & Derek Jeter's personal authentication company, Steiner Sports, and includes their letter of authenticity guaranteeing this is the real deal! Steiner works directly with the Yankees to authenticate and sell game-used items from the team!! It does not get more authentic than this!! See photos for authentication information.
 This piece is has been professionally custom framed with some of the highest end museum quality shadowbox framing on the market. This frame measures approximately 30" x 5" x 34". It has been framed with navy blue suede matting, photos of Jeter, Laser cut logos and lettering throughout the piece. In addition to a plexiglass frame this piece due to the heaviness of the base and frame required to hold its weight, weights in excess of 100lbs and includes hanging hinges on the back of the frame so you can hang it right up on your wall.